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Antler Hill Community Centre  

Division 3 Red Deer County
Recreation & Culture Board

Red Deer County set up new recreation and culture boards in 2007 to correspond with the newly-defined electoral divisions. Division 3 originally was to have a nine member board with 1/3 from Springbrook but in recent years the more rural areas have been under-represented. The board welcomes anyone who is willing to serve from those rural areas.
Each board is given a budget by the County from a recreation levy on each property owner's taxes and has the responsibility to provide access for residents of the division to recreational and cultural opportunities in whatever way each board sees fit. Some boards create opportunities while others fund proposals from individuals or community groups.

The Division 3 board has decided to provide opportunities by funding community groups and individuals who can provide programs, events and activities for the community. The board is also funding individuals who participate in recreational and cultural activities by refunding up to 50% of the cost of the activity to a maximum of $100 per year per person. See Guidelines.

Board of Directors:
Chairman: Paul Pettypiece
Secretary: Linda Dick
Treasurer: Tara Lind
Directors:  Tara Bickley, Judy Shyback,
Donna Morency, Marie Grabowski,
                        Janet Boersma, Leanne Murray

Community Groups within Division:
Aberdeen Hall
Antler Hill Community Association
Edwell Community Hall
Ridgewood Community Centre
Springbrook Community Association

Springbrook Fire Hall
Ridgewood Community Centre
Edwell Community Hall



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